The Milky Way Galaxy is our home galaxy.

Earth is about 3/5ths of the way from the Center of the galaxy. ( The galactic center is in the bottom of the image.)  This image was taken using a Cannon EOS camera and a 24MM lens at F/4.5. The camera tracked perfectly on the stars for over 13 minutes via a StarSync Tracker without which the stars would have stretched into thin horizontal lines due to earth's rotation.   For more info on a StarSync Tracker go to WWW.StarSync Trackers

     All galaxies are FAR FAR AWAY  

  •                EXCEPT our own Milky Way Galaxy (because were in it!) 

Objects in our galaxy

Comet C/2019 F3
A recent visitor to our skies and a member of our own star's gravitational field (solar system)

OUR OWN Milky Way Galaxy

( well part of it! )

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